Mass building
For the hard training during the mass building phase your health and immune system must be strengthened. Minerals and vitamins are essential for the entire metabolic processes, in particular for the release of energy and muscle building. They are essential nutrients and your body depends on it. Also the antioxidant effect is of great benefit. During the intensive training the increased free radicals are built, which are neutralised using various antioxidants. Your performance will be adversely affected by the lack of minerals and vitamins and can permanently damage your health.

Expert tip:
To get an optimal provision of nutrients, minerals and vitamins products are a good alternative. However, they are not substitute for a healthy and balanced nutrition.

Diet / definition phase
Minerals and vitamins are decisive factor for a good metabolic performance. Important sources of this are fruits and vegetables. You should renounce the fruits during the diet, to save carbohydrates, because the fruits contain a lot of fructose. Therefore, because of the limited nutrition intake, it can be exposed to undersupply in this area during a diet. Both minerals and vitamins are needed for numerous processes of the carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, the immune system and for the building of certain body structures. Intense training causes an increased perspiration. This increases the minerals loss. The minerals should be taken with the nutrition, because these are essential and cannot be provided by your body.

Expert tip:
A good alternative offer minerals and vitamins in capsule form. It's better to take them with a meal.

Endurance sport
Besides the many positive effects of fitness and endurance sports there is a risk to increase building of free radicals which can cause cell damage. Even small, unnoticeable injuries occur. Zinc helps here to protect the cell components from oxidative stress. During the endurance training you lost vitamins and minerals. To prepare the body for physical activity, you need vitamins of the B complex, magnesium, chrome, zinc and iron. For this reason, minerals and vitamins must be taken in sufficient quantity.

Expert tip:
Due to the good storage capacity of your body you can take vitamins and minerals for a longer time independent of the training.