Muscle building
Creatine is considered as the best-selling supplement among the sports supplements. Creatine increases the physical performance during short term, high intensity exercise. The positive effect of creatine occurs during the daily consumption of 3 g. Approximately 95 % of the body creatine is found in the skeletal muscle. There is important energy storage for short-term, hard physical exercises. A longer period of physical trainings is also possible. Your muscles respond to the greater training stimulus with growth. Creatine also causes more water bounding in your muscle cells, whereby the cell volume and the cell tension rise. As the power or weight gain should be reduced not only to increased muscle mass, but also to the water storage, there may be slight weight loss after the discontinuation of the creatine. To maintain the performance your nutrition should be basically protein and carbohydrate rich. It is also important to drink enough during the increased creatine intake. To support the storage of creatine in the muscle cells, you can take some grape juice or another monosaccharide source.

Expert tip:
Creatine can be taken continuously. The opinion to take creatine shortly during the physical training phases is outdated. You cannot reach success so quickly, it needs more time.