Steffen Seifart

Name: Steffen Seifart
Nickname: Michl
Birthday: 01.07.1981
Birthplace: Rodewisch
Size: 1,87 m
Started with sport: since 2000 in a gym, since 2008 handcycle
What are your favourite exercises? negative bench press and pull down to the neck
Which exercises are tortures for you? Lateral raises with dumbbell
What is the best result in your career until today? 4th place in UCI-EUROPACUP in Vratna/Slovakia
What was your biggest disappointment until today? Game over after 160 meters in Cologne Classic because of a crash with another participant
What are your sporty goals? Paralympics games
Why BBN Hardcore? I must try which products are the best for me.
What are your favourite supplements? Water Whey & BCAA
What’s your hobby? If I’m not driving with my handcycle I always will find somewhere a piece of wood which would be processed.
What motivated you to start with sport general or your kind of sport? It was a coincidence that I start with handcycling. Eight years ago I was asked, if I like to start at the half marathon in Dresden and I did it. Until I participate in a trainings camp in October 2015, I‘m doing handcycling just for fun. Since this it’s a competitive sport for me.
What’s your character like? ambitious, dutiful, it’s really hard for me to say “no”, optimistic, easy distractibility
What’s a perfect day for you? Sunny day, 22 degrees, have a good breakfast, handcycling, relax a little bit, pleasant work and an evening with lounge music, good food an my dear.